Dungeon Rushers

A tactical RPG

Pixel Labyrinth

A small pixel art adventure game project, never published


A space RPG-shooter, still in progress


The cubical game building engine!

I had the chance to be lead artist for the game Dungeon Rushers. I made most of the ingame graphics, including character and level concept arts, pixel art frame per frame animations and UI elements . Here is a good preview of what you can find ingame.

CraftStudio is the project that really brought me to work in Video Games industry. Programmed by Elisée Maurer, we liked to call it « A game that allows to create games ». I was lucky to be able to work on this ambitious project from day 0. We raised 23,500$ through our crowd-funding campaign. Users were able to build everything from scratchs, from cubic models, to maps, to visual scripts. With this awesome tool, we created a lots of little games, for jams and for personal experiments. Now, Craftstudio is getting slowly replaced by his spiritual son: Superpowers .

Here are some examples of the little models and graphics I created for and whith Crafstudio.