About Thomas Frick

I’m Thomas Frick (also Xael) a 2D / 3D french artist from Strasbourg, working on Video games and Graphic design.

I started drawing very early in my childhood, and switched to digital techniques in 2007, exploring various techniques, like 2D animation, Pixel Art, Speed-painting, 3D modeling/sculpting and texturing. Graduated at university with a Master degree in Art and Multimedia since September 2011, I also worked on Comics Strips, Role Playing Games, book illustrations and Webdesign. Used to team work, I joined several freelance projects and already worked as Lead Artist on several indie games (CraftStudio, Alcyon, Dungeon Rushers, Hypixel etc.). I will sometimes be happy to accept freelance commissions. If you need me for anything, feel free to use this contact form

Current Projects:

  • Hypixel – Lead Artist (texture, animation, artworks…)
  • Dungeon Rushers (Mobile and desktop game) – Art direction
  • Alcyon Infinity (PC) – Art direction
  • Dungeon Labyrinth
  • Other freelance projects

Game projects I worked on:

Book covers

  • Skyhorse Publishing – Gameknight999 Serie by Mark Cheverton
  • French edition « Editis-Slalom » – Frigiel et Fluffy for the youtube Frigiel
  • Ullman Publishing – for the german version of Gameknight999 serie

Computer Graphic skills:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe After Effect
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Autodesk Softimage (XSI)
  • Zbrush

Traditionnal art skills:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting